Monday, June 18, 2012

There's more...and more and more and more.  So much has happened since even the last post.  We now only have 75 days until the wedding.  (CRAZY!)  I leave for a shower in Charleston a week from this coming Wednesday.  My little brother is married and his wife is having a baby!  Holy moly...and if that wasn't all I've been promoted to Executive Director at the Irving Park YMCA.

I don't really even know what to say except that I am incredibly lucky and happy.  I could not have a better partner or family and friends.  I walk around wondering what I could have done to deserve everything that's been happening.  And I still have no idea.  So instead of trying to figure it out, I just plan to continue to be grateful for EVERYTHING every single day.

Everything with the wedding is going fine.  I'll knock out a bunch of things when I meet with my mom and brother in a week or so.  That will really help settle everything.  It's a pretty long list, but that's okay.  We can get it done.

For now, the focus is trying to tackle a really big new job and finish up all of the wedding planning.  Not to mention that Randy and I have some side projects that we are looking into as well.

Like I said...75 more days.


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